Aloha Flow is a tool to create safe networks for large groups of children in their own communities.

When children learn from a young age how to greet one another, get to know, and get along with large amounts of their peers within a range of ages and grade levels, their future success is assured and their networking skills later in life will be much better.

Aloha Flow is an activity that can be used by school administrators, teachers and planners, parents, and youth group organizers to bond children together by the simple Aloha Flow techniques where they are taught to greet each other and memorize everyone else’s name.

The goal of the Aloha Flow organization is to create a universal curriculum that school children will adopt. The basis of this curriculum is for kids of all grade levels to know each other’s names in each grade level as a requirement to graduate. This requirement needs to be adopted as a guideline and as a fun activity.

The hope is that Aloha Flow can be used as a tool in any and all organizations to help people enjoy each other's company and to learn how to cooperate.

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